Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Survey Instructions

I am sure most of you have seen an advertisement online claiming you can make a lot of money taking surveys online. For those of us who are stay at home mothers, we get bombarded with such advertisements. They tell us if we pay them a set amount of money, they will then send us a list of hundreds of survey sites. And, they of course tell us we can make gobs of money.

It sounds so easy, worthwhile and well, unbelievable! Why isn't everyone doing this if it is lucrative?

Well, simply put, it takes time and the payout isn't always high, if at all. I have, personally, been doing survey sites for years now. And, I do love them. I highly recommend them, BUT I do NOT, recommend paying anyone for a list of sites. I originally did this, and although I did indeed get hundreds of sites, this information is very easily obtained for free!

In general, most survey sites pay a nominal amount for each survey you take. And, before you even get to take the survey, you will be required to take screening questions, to make sure you qualify.

The sites I enjoy the most, pay you at least something to answer the screening questions. That way, you get a little money for your time. And, I have stumbled on a few surveys through the years where I made over $20. But, these are few and far between. In general, I get paid between $1.00 to $10 per survey, depending on the site, how long it is and what type of survey it is.

This is a decent amount and well worth your time, but by no means can you make a living off of this, as those other websites claim.

Do keep in mind, though, I don't qualify for many surveys that you might. My husband works for a company that manufactures baby products, hair care products and over the counter drugs. So, I am disqualified quite often. So, it is quite possible you will qualify for a lot more than me.

And, I also don't devote a lot of time to this. I take surveys when I have extra time. I don't do them everyday, although I do have offers in my inbox daily for new surveys. I find my time better spent on doing online offers, so I only do surveys when time allows.

Anyway, I wanted to give you my top list of the best survey sites to do. Simply click on the link and the sign up information will be provided for free! Again, don't pay the a website for a list of sites. Or, feel free to visit the left side bar of this page and click on any of the pictures to sign up that way. The side bar does not have ALL the survey sites I have listed below, so you are better off using the list.
Now, on all of these, like I said, it is possible to make more, I am sure. This is simply my personal history with the companies.

Before getting started, I highly recommend downloading Roboform for free.

Then, I downloaded a copy of Roboform. This is a MUST HAVE when applying for many survey sites. You initially enter your information, and then everytime you apply online for anything, you click one button and it autofills everything for you!!

Believe me, put it on your PC!

Click here to download, you won't be sorry!

And, one final piece of advice, set up an email account specifically for surveys. For example, mine is surveysforcarrie at

This way, when you are ready to take surveys, you simply log into that account and don't have to search through all your emails to find survey invitations. You can do a quick sort by name, log into a survey site, and then take all available surveys. Since you just took all the available surveys, you can quickly go back to your email and delete ALL the emails from that survey company, since you logged in and did them all. This also saves time from having to click on each email and read it individually.

After you have Roboform and your new email account, begin signing up and then checking your email inbox. Surveys will begin arriving immediately and daily. It is indeed a lot of fun to share my input with these companies while making a little bit of money!

I am sure you will enjoy the experience and $$ as well!