Saturday, June 28, 2008

Braggers Welcome!

Want to brag about your recent Market Research adventure? Please are welcome to share!

I appreciate all feed back regarding the studies I share and the companies I recommend, so I know what is working for everyone and what isn't.

Thanks so much for sharing...simply leave a comment!!!!


Stephanie said...

Hi Carrie - I just wanted to let you know that I qualified for a $75 survey with AIM. I go next week! Thanks so much! What a fun, easy way to earn some extra $$$.

Steve said...

I found a bunch of focus groups here: I think it is free to apply.

Stephanie said...

Just another reminder to everyone to sign up with Gongos. It might have a funny name but I've done ridiculously little work for them and they've sent me $45 in Amazon certificates. I participated in roughly 5-6 screener surveys and 2 full-fledged studies that were more lengthy but I've only been with them for a few months and I've gotten less than 10 requests from them. So don't wait. Go sign up and then answer everything you get from them and hopefully you'll get lucky.

Holley V said...

I've had good success with Focus Forward--thanks to Carrie! I earned $125 for participating in a two day online group board discussion.

Sara said...

I earned a $75 Amazon gift card for participating in a focus group with 20/20 Research. Thanks so much!

angelina said...

Hi Carrie! I participated in an on-line focus group last week and earned $100 just for talking about something that interests me! Thanks for the links and the ideas...It was with focus forward....

busy mom said...

I have just signed up with Gongos, and working on signing up with the others today. I am sending them to my GMail acct. instead of my main yahoo acct.

I have alot of the paid surveys also going to my GMail( you can sign up for pd. surveys through inbox dollars and send-earrings too)- so it get full quick.

My question is -- How do you remember all the links to the accounts for your referrals and how to do keep up with the passwords or Id's??
I am trying to use the same ones on most of them but it does get confusing at times.

oh yeah, inbox dollars is waving the check fee if you get $40 in 30 days - I think it depend on when you want to cash out but it is worth looking into.

Carrie @ said...

I am a little confused by your questions, so I hope I answer it correctly.

I take it you mean links to give to friends as Refer a Friend links? If so, I copy and paste them one time onto my blog and then link people to the post where I have them embedded.

For someone who doesn't have a blog, I would recommend setting up a list in an email with all your links and saving it. Every time you want to email it to someone new, you can just forward it out again and all the links would still be embedded.

For passwords, etc, I have a place at home I keep them all so I don't forget them. :)

busy mom said...

I was just trying to see if there was a faster way to keep up with all-LOL
I have most (not all) wrote down and how much I have made or what I have done(ex. tested home product) and the date.

I need to write down the passwords too.

I think that is awesome that everyone is making good money. Thanks for sharing your tips.