Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Market Research Instructions

Market Research ( or Focus Groups ) are very similar to surveys.

Companies hire third party entities to conduct research for them to gain valuable information on their products and services that they can then use to better their companies.

The main difference between surveys and Focus Groups is that in general, surveys are conducted at home over your computer and pay much less. Although Market Research can also be conducted from home, they still generally pay much more.

Focus Groups are generally conducted as a group with others present and pay much, much more but can also be held via the phone, web cam or with an online research board/survey!

Where you may only make a couple dollars for a survey, you can make up to $100 or more for Focus Groups. Some pay as little as $20. Even though they all range on pay out, it is a nice sum for your time.

Another nice benefit of in person Focus Groups is that they usually pay you while you are there. So, there is no waiting to get your money! All others will pay you afterward.

Myself, when I register, I set up my account with my home phone number and the same "survey" email that I use for surveys. Focus Groups are usually less frequent, so it is easier to have the few emails sent to the same email account. Usually, most of my requests/prescreeners come via the phone. I answer a few minutes of questions to see if I qualify.

Interested in joining Focus Groups? Click on any of the images in my right side bar to be taken to a request to sign up for that specific company.

And, remember to sign up for Outright for Free here. This is a great software program to track earnings ( Market Research, Surveys, Mystery Shopping, Online Offers, etc )

Or, here is a list of all companies I have recommended thus far:

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Carrie said...

Thanks so much for the infomation. I signed up with a few companies about six months ago. It wasn't until December that I was chosen to participate in one but the one I did paid $200 and only ended up lasting 45 minutes. I received my check in a week. It was a great bonus for my December budget!